About Us

ERAHC Andalusian/

Lusitano horse club

was founded in 1992

by a small group of

people who shared a vision: Give Andalusian and Lusitano lovers a place to meet, learn, and share their love of these Iberian breeds with like-minded people. Our club continues to grow and now includes members from as far north as Canada, as far south as Florida, and as far west as Utah.

 ERAHC's Mission

"We will promote harmony and goodwill among the community of the Iberian horses: Andalusians, Portuguese, Spanish-Portuguese, and crossbred. We will do this through our annual shows, clinics, social events, and our regular newsletter. We will work to increase public awareness of the Iberian horse and the history and traditions of the breed."

      Join us!

ERAHC provides

members with

opportunities to

enjoy their horses (though horse ownership is not required) while encouraging a fun and informative social structure. Membership affords subscription to the newsletter, member directory, discounts at clinics, voting rights, member meetings, the Year-End  Award program, and more. Please visit our  Membership  page.

What's the Latest

It's membership renewal time again! And now you can do the whole thing online right here! Just go to the Membership page and follow the directions. And while you're at it, go to our Year-End Awards page and sign up online for the 2015 show year! Thank you for joining us for another great year.

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Next Teleconference Board Meeting

Sunday, January 18, 2015

@ 7:30

I am ever astonished. We live, literally, in the middle of a herd of horses, yet we never learn anything from them. They spend their days hanging out in the sun, looking out at the sky and birds. Seemingly their only goal-oriented behavior is searching for the next bite of grass or that special delicious weed. On the other hand, our kitchen calendar has its squares so full that it's nearly impossible to find space for the next note!

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