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2018 ERAHC VA Classic Show -

Special Awards Results

Specialty High Point Awards

PRE Horse: Fresona ROY and Sheilah Melsness

PSL Horse: Infanta RAF and Monica Zitz

IALHA Horse: Listo YR and Samantha Potts

Vintage Rider:

     Champion: Deborah Ostrofsky

     Reserve Champion: Janita Smith

1st Time ERAHC Member Competitor:

     Champion: Carol Branscome

     Reserve Champion: Carol Branscome

Overall "Fun"tastic Show:

     Champion: Black Diamond Damian and Alice


     Reserve Champion: Nautica MC and Mindy


This is the home of ERAHC Shows and Events as well as Lusitano and Andalusian Horse Information.


August 22*

August 24-25*

August 23-25*

November 7-10

ERAHC Classic  OPEN  Dressage Show - Virginia Horse Center, Lexington, VA. Click HERE for prize list and entry form.

***RIDE TIMES ARE IN - Click  HERE  for the Class Schedule, HERE for the Day Sheets, HERE the Ride Times, and HERE for the Show Roster.

Working Equitation Show Series #3 - Virginia Horse Center,  Lexington, VA. Click HERE  for the  UPDATED prize list. Click  HERE  for the Entry and Stabling Forms.

ERAHC Classic Regional Breed and "Fun"tastic Shows - Virginia Horse Center, Lexington, VA. For the "Fun"tastic prize list click HERE. For the Breed prize list click HERE.

Equine Affaire - Eastern States Expo, W. Springfield, MA. Click HERE for more info.

Overall High Point Breed Awards

A/L Open Rider/Handler:

     Champion: Fresona ROY and Howard Peet

     Reserve Champion: (Tie) Honroso MIBIX and Howard

          Peet/Entero VDL and Lynette Jacobs
A/L Amateur Rider/Handler:

     Champion: Listo YR and Samantha Potts

     Reserve Champion: Jubiloso Del C and Sheilah Melsness
HA Open Rider/Handler:

     Champion: Restless Pepe and Kristin Aeh

     Reserve Champion: Adelina RLA and Cheryl Thompson

HA Amateur Rider/Handler:

     Champion: Buddy Love and Deborah Ostrofsky

     Reserve Champion: Adelina RLA and Cheryl Thompson

HA Junior Roder/Handler:

     Champion: Sincerrey Granite and Olivia Lewandowski

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2018 ERAHC VA Classic Breed Show and Open Dressage Show Results

Working Equitation Championships

Children's Level:

     Champion: Brewster and Gwyneth Washburn

     Reserve Champion: Darby and Max Malan

Level 1 - Introductory:

     Champion: Spalsh of Glory and Dianne Hutchinson

     Reserve Champion: Iberian Onyx CAL and Arielle Blackstone

Level 2 - Novice A:

     Champion: Dior and Rebecca Yount

     Reserve Champion: Oliver Red Tari and Biddy Lowry

Level 3 - Novice B:

     Champion: Perla WSEC and David Washburn

Level 4 - Intermediate A:

     Champion: Tambore HM and Tracy Click
Level 5 - Intermediate B:

     Champion: Windsong's Tesero and Sandra Washburn

     Reserve Champion: Sincerrey Santiago and Rose Watt

Click the photo above for the 2018 Dressage Show Results

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Dressage High Score Awards

Adult Amateur: Rebecca Polan on To Be Frank
Junior Exhibitor: Ivy Ann Shushok on The Horse

     Who Lived
Training Level: Rebecca Polan on To Be Frank
First Level: Cody Armstrong on Dark Lady
Second Level: Monica Schnake on Ladies First
Third Level: (TIE) Mary Schwentker on Warrior

     Poet and Eva Lynn Finion on Rohan
Fourth Level: Lynn Jendrowski on Diesel VT
FEI Levels: Amelia Hellman on Asta Lindebjerg

Glen Aryn High Score Award

Holly Linz on Reina TCV

IALHA High Score

Cody Armstrong on Dark Lady