WE Rules and Appendices

WE General Rules                                                   (click here)
Appendix A (Dressage Tests)                                (click here)

Appendix B (Obstacles)                                         (click here)

Appendix C (Score Sheets/Guidelines)              (click here)

Appendix D (Tack and Attire)                              (click here)

Appendix E (FEI Statement)                                (click here)

Appendix F (Rule Change Form)                         (click here)

AppendixG (Protest Form)                                   (click here)

2020 Revised Edition of the Working Equitation Rules for USA

This revised edition of the rule book for Working Equitation in the United States represents a consolidation of the rule books from the Working Equitation International Association for the United States of America (WEIAUSA) and the U.S. Federation of Working Equitation Organizations (USFWE). Please contact any member of the Rules Committee listed on page ii with any questions you may have.

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