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WE Rules and Appendices

WE General Rules                                                   (click here)
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2018 Revised Edition of the Working Equitation Rules for USA

This revised edition of the rule book for Working Equitation in the United States represents a consolidation of the rule books from the Working Equitation International Association for the United States of America (WEIAUSA) and the U.S. Federation of Working Equitation Organizations (USFWE). Please contact any member of the Rules Committee listed on page ii with any questions you may have.

ERAHC Sanctioning For Working Equitation Schooling Shows

Any person, farm, club, or group that would like to arrange and organize a Working Equitation Schooling Show(s) may apply for sanctioning for a fee of $100.

1. Sanctioning offers the person, farm, club, or group the ability to take advantage of ERAHC’s liability insurance coverage listed on the application form (which is a $50-$75 value), rather than having to apply for their own separate policy.

2. Sanctioning automatically qualifies the show participants to show (double points!) in the WE Championship Show at the Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, VA, August 31st thru September 3rd.

3. Sanctioning automatically enters all competitors of these schooling shows in the ERAHC WE Year End Awards Program, which offers great prizes!

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